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HOLLYWOOD 360 is pure entertainment!  Host Carl Amari and co-host Lisa Wolf present weekly episodes with the best in Classic Radio!  Digitally restored episodes of The Jack Benny Show, The Shadow, Gunsmoke, Suspense, Philip Marlowe, The Green Hornet, Burns & Allen and many more.  Available as either 2 hours or 4 hours each week.   Contact us to hear an instant demo.




INSIDE THE NEWS is In-Depth Talk, Telling it Like It Is. It's the weekly show dedicated to what your listeners crave: intelligent analysis of today's fast-changing news and trends.  Wehman, Brunson & Vernuccio are the hosts of INSIDE THE NEWS. They delve deep into the headlines, to explore the real issues driving today’s stories. Whether domestic or international, they covers the breaking stories affecting our nation. Add it to your station and listeners will thank you for it!


PURE AMERICAN COUNTRY, hosted by legendary Country music artist Bill Cody, is America's leading Classic Country show.  Available as two stand-alone hours -- air one or both hours each week. Plus, the daily :60 feature PURE AMERICAN COUNTRY MINUTE, profiles legendary artists of classic country. Get them both,  exclusively from Syndication Networks.

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