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SNC Delivers Quality Feature Content

SNC has some highly entertaining and informative features, and every one is quality, family-friendly content. They include  CHECK UP ON HEALTH,  THE SUCCESS JOURNAL, THE GOLF MINUTE, and PURE AMERICAN COUNTRY MINUTE.

CHECK UP ON HEALTH features health news and sound bites from top physicians and leading medical experts, in a fast-paced 60 seconds daily, so it's perfect for the PPM world. The topics are relatable to every listener. Hosted by veteran broadcaster Chris Witting, CHECK UP ON HEALTH is now in its 14th year. A proven winner with listeners and advertisers, it's the perfect addition to your station.

THE SUCCESS JOURNAL tells the fascinating stories behind today's hottest entrepreneurs and  famous brand names, with the surprise reveal ending your listeners will love. Nearly 20 years in syndication and over 4,500 broadcasts. It's a drivetime winner! Add proven success to your lineup: THE SUCCESS JOURNAL.

THE GOLF MINUTE is America's favorite golf feature, packed with great golf tips and hosted by broadcaster and golf guru Dennis Silvers of ESPN and Fox Sports Radio. Delivered year around, this feature scores with listeners and advertisers. Drive for the green and win with ratings and revenue. Get it today!

Every weekday, PURE AMERICAN COUNTRY RADIO MINUTE presents a dramatic, star-studded artist profile, focusing on top Country legends. Hosted by popular Country star Bill Cody, it profiles the legends of Country music. No matter what type of country music your station plays, this show will be a hit with your listeners.

If you can spare a minute or two a day, why not add one or more of these highly produced. top rated features? Better yet, add them all.  Available on barter, these features will boost local revenue while keeping your audience tuned in daily. Click here to request show demos with full details!


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