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Richard Syrett

Richard Syrett has a passionate interest in life’s mysteries. His insatiable curiosity about the world around him has quickly made THE CONSPIRACY SHOW a highly popular weekend radio hit across North  America.

Richard has been featured on numerous TV shows on The History Channel, Animal Planet, and OLN and has guest-hosted Coast to Coast AM, the world’s most popular late night radio program.

He has often been compared to talk radio legend Art Bell, because of his remarkable storytelling abilities.

Richard also writes, produces and hosts the weekly two-minute radio feature, Strange Planet with Richard Syrett. It's the perfect companion to the long form show.

In addition, Richard hosts a weekly half-hour documentary TV show which airs internationally. Also titled The Conspiracy Show, the TV show examines conspiracies, paranormal and supernatural phenomena and the UFO/ET phenomenon.

Richard’s writing, storytelling and interviewing skills, plus his infectious enthusiasm and ability to stare down chaos and confusion with a smile, make him a rare and valuable media commodity.

He’s ready to make THE CONSPIRACY SHOW a hit for your station, and is available for live phone interviews, and he’ll provide custom promos, liners, and sponsor opens and tags at your request!

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