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Shefik is an accomplished industry insider who has been featured on MTV, SiriusXM, PBS, network television, and in print media. 

He has held senior-level positions at many Fortune 500 companies and celebrated brands, such as IBM, NBCUniversal, MTV World, Merriam-Webster, and Wolters Kluwer.

A seasoned pro in social media with a career background as a Senior Web Developer, Shefik is on the cutting edge of new media. The show’s innovative website at will offer cross-promotional opportunities for your station. The website will also be a conduit for discussion of the weekly radio show, featuring related videos and auxiliary content.

Shefik is committed to your station’s success, and is available to record custom show intros, promos, and commercial tags, as well as for live station interviews (some restrictions apply).

For more information about Shefik, visit his portfolio at

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