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Inside The News

 "Frank Vernuccio is always prepared, precise and articulate. He has a vast amount of knowledge on a variety of topics."

Andy Caldwell, KUHL Santa Barbara CA

"Frank Vernuccio is one of the most informative, politically engaged broadcasters I know. He has a gift for making complicated issues easy to understand."

Ted Flint, WDCD Albany NY


INSIDE THE NEWS is In Depth Talk, Telling it Like It Is.

  • The weekly show dedicated to what your listeners crave: intelligent analysis of today's fast-changing geopolitical news and trends.
  • INSIDE THE NEWS delves deep into the headlines, to explore the real issues driving today’s stories.
  • Whether domestic or international, INSIDE THE NEWS covers the breaking stories affecting our nation.

Recent topics include: Healthcare reform * Tax reform * President Trump *  The Economy * The American Military * North Korea * Europe's Future * Unrest in the Middle East * Iran’s Ambitions * Putin’s Goals * and more!

Fascinating insight and analysis your listeners won't hear anywhere else!


Length:  1 Hour Weekly

Distribution:  FTP

Free of Charge:  8 minutes local, 7 minutes network per hour



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