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Wehman, Brunson & Vernuccio

Frank Vernuccio, Fox News Radio Contributor and Syndicated Radio/TV Host
FRANK VERNUCCIO is a FOX radio news contributor and frequent guest on radio. He's also co-host of the syndicated Vernuccio/Novak Report and co-host of the American Political Zone TV  Show. He is host and creator of the syndicated feature, Minute Report for America ®.  His newspaper columns are published weekly.  FRANK is president of American Analysis of News & Media  and  editor of its major publication, New York Analysis of Policy and Government.

Guy Wehman, Radio Talk Show Host and Producer
GUY WEHMAN's radio career spans nearly 20 years. He has been the long time PM drive talk host at WENG AM & FM/Tampa (his drive-time slot replaced Sean Hannity). GUY created SunCoast LIVE and has used the program to interview many nationally known guests. An accomplished musician, he has produced over 50 albums and countless production pieces, and is an award-winning jingle producer. Guy's extensive radio career includes sports play-by-play for multiple sports, including football and basketball.

Ben Brunson, Commentator, Author, Successful Executive

Ben Brunson received an MBA from the University of Chicago, where he studied under numerous Nobel Laureates. His career as a highly successful CEO and executive has given him an excellent understanding of business, the economy, and geopolitical matters. BEN is now a commentator, blogger and novelist whose published works (including The Falstaff Enigma and Esther’s Sling) are thrilling flights from the headlines, grounded in the science and technology found in Tom Clancy novels.

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