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Wedding Planning With Pem


It’s a great complement to our morning show!"

Jeff Sisk, Program Director WHOP-FM Nashville


Information Your Listeners
Aren't Getting Anywhere Else!


  •  WEDDING PLANNING WITH PEM is the 90 second daily radio feature that delivers wedding planning tips, etiquette advice, money saving ideas and much, much more!
  • The Wedding Industry is a $50 Billion per year market!  Your station will find this an easy sell.
  • Topics Include: Wedding Tradition and Culture * Marriage Money Matters * Family Dynamics * Wedding Travel Safety * Health and Wellness * Wedding Planning Advice * and much more! 
  • Host Pem Clark is a talented radio personality, professional wedding planner and wedding retailer.  She has produced and hosted over 4,000 episodes of the popular daily feature.
  • Wedding Season is 12 months long!  When couples aren’t having weddings, they’re planning them.  Ideal for all formats and for male and female listeners of all ages.


Perfect For So Many Advertisers: Wedding Reception Halls • Luxury Car Dealers * Bridal Salons * Fine Dining Establishments * Jewelers *  Spas and Beauty Salons * Resorts and Casinos * Florists * Caterers * Limo Services * Bakeries * Tuxedo Rentals * and Many, Many More!

Format:  90 Seconds each Monday-Sunday

Distribution:  FTP Digital Download

Free of Charge:  5 min ROS network Monday-Friday

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