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The Dr. Van Merkle Show

"It's a great show. Dr. Merkle covers a broad range
of topics every week. The show does really well for us!"

Chris Hartley, Cox Media




  • Each week, Dr. Merkle shares the latest news and breakthroughs in health and disease care, in  the fields of medicine, politics and health. His popular talk show has been informing listeners for over 25 years.
  • Dr. Merkle has been in practice over 35 years treating patients with various and serious diseases, using natural and affordable methods and therapies.
  • Many Americans are seeking safe, natural and inexpensive solutions to serious problems.  Dr. Merkle has guided thousands of patients to find their best natural options.
  • The Dr. Van Merkle Show is a true health talk show, covering medical, political and common sense issues. 
  • Dr. Merkle believes it's best to consider all options when making healthcare decisions. Listeners have discovered better health at less expense by following his simple advice.

Perfect for many advertisers: * Fitness Clubs * Health Food Stores * Wellness Centers * Pharmacies * Urgent Care Centers * Nutritionists * Chiropractors * Heart CT Scans * In Home Care * AND MANY MORE!

·    Format: One Hour Weekly
·    Distribution:  FTP
·    Free of Charge:  8 min. local + 6 min. news window / 6 min. network


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