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Cliff Baugus

CLIFF BAUGUS was raised in Dallas, Texas and grew up listening to the local stations. Radio back in the 1960s was solidly on the AM dial, and the speakers back then were the size of a transistor radio. At an early age, CLIFF rigged up a shortwave radio in his room, and did a pretend Disc Jockey show until the cops showed up and shut him down.  Turned out he was doing his DJ show on the same frequency used by  the police radio!

CLIFF's fulltime radio career began in Henderson TX, after he got home from the Navy. Back then, the playlist included everything from Rock to Country to Gospel, and anything else he could bring in from home. 

Today, CLIFF and his wife Saundra live in the Mobile, Alabama area, where he's had great success for many years in Country music radio.

CLIFF BAUGUS is dedicated to your station's success with SUNDAY MORNING GOSPEL. He's available to record custom opens, closes, promos, sponsor IDs and tags for your station, along with live and recorded interviews with your station air staff.

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