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Below is an actual, recent example of the REAL RESULTS a consistent SNC radio advertiser had in one week — hundreds of inbound customer calls. Now…imagine how we can help YOUR business grow.

Syndication Networks is ready to air your message, so you can:

  • Capture New Business
  • Get Inbound Calls
  • Generate Web Traffic
  • Sell Products or Services
  • Create National Buzz
  • Build Your Brand Name
  • Test New Product Offers
  • Announce Company News
  • Generate Retail or Web Traffic
  • Influence Political and Customer Opinion
  • Reinforce TV  or Direct Mail Ads
  • Improve Company Prestige
  • Attract Nationwide Customers

Now check out a recent one-week response to an SNC ad schedule. Your results may vary, of course.


Call Date Call Time Caller Phone Number Call Location Call Type
02/01/2016 8:34AM 201-803-XXXX HACKENSACK Wireless
02/01/2016 12:46PM 920-849-XXXX CHILTON Land
02/01/2016 2:19PM 307-705-XXXX ROCK SPRINGS Land
02/01/2016 2:57PM 805-644-XXXX VENTURA Land
02/01/2016 2:57PM 920-850-XXXX APPLETON Wireless
02/01/2016 3:03PM 604-309-XXXX ALDERGROVE Land
02/01/2016 3:28PM 920-850-XXXX APPLETON Wireless
02/01/2016 3:42PM 417-942-XXXX SPRINGFIELD Land
02/01/2016 3:42PM 417-942-XXXX SPRINGFIELD Land
02/01/2016 5:08PM 505-324-XXXX FARMINGTON Land
02/01/2016 5:45PM 678-613-XXXX ATLANTA Wireless
02/01/2016 6:45PM 909-481-XXXX UPLAND Land
02/01/2016 7:28PM 530-243-XXXX REDDING Land
02/02/2016 8:34AM 302-442-XXXX WILMINGTON Wireless
02/02/2016 8:41AM 901-361-XXXX MEMPHIS Wireless
02/02/2016 11:58AM 920-288-XXXX GREEN BAY Wireless
02/02/2016 12:48PM 951-247-XXXX MORENO VALLEY Restricted
02/02/2016 12:51PM 920-202-XXXX APPLETON Wireless
02/02/2016 12:52PM 805-616-XXXX OXNARD Wireless
02/02/2016 12:56PM 612-644-XXXX MINNEAPOLIS Wireless
02/02/2016 12:57PM 612-644-XXXX MINNEAPOLIS Wireless
02/02/2016 12:57PM 612-644-XXXX MINNEAPOLIS Wireless
02/02/2016 1:15PM 951-247-XXXX MORENO VALLEY Restricted
02/02/2016 1:19PM 612-644-XXXX MINNEAPOLIS Wireless
02/02/2016 1:23PM 951-247-XXXX MORENO VALLEY Restricted
02/02/2016 1:24PM 951-247-XXXX MORENO VALLEY Restricted
02/02/2016 1:55PM 318-451-XXXX ALEXANDRIA Land
02/02/2016 3:18PM 250-363-XXXX VICTORIA Land
02/02/2016 7:32PM 920-606-XXXX GREEN BAY Wireless
02/03/2016 1:03AM 909-659-XXXX SAN BERNARDINO Wireless
02/03/2016 10:25AM 646-556-XXXX NEW YORK Land
02/03/2016 11:38AM 518-578-XXXX PLATTSBURGH Wireless
02/03/2016 4:25PM 810-333-XXXX BRIGHTON Wireless
02/03/2016 5:43PM 864-226-XXXX ANDERSON Land
02/03/2016 6:34PM 920-427-XXXX APPLETON Wireless
02/03/2016 6:50PM 920-716-XXXX APPLETON Wireless
02/03/2016 10:56PM 920-604-XXXX ABRAMS Wireless
02/04/2016 1:00AM 706-528-XXXX ROME Wireless
02/04/2016 7:21AM 507-269-XXXX ROCHESTER Wireless
02/04/2016 10:02AM 507-269-XXXX ROCHESTER Wireless
02/04/2016 12:56PM 920-279-XXXX OSHKOSH Wireless
02/04/2016 3:36PM 712-470-XXXX ROCK VALLEY Wireless
02/04/2016 5:55PM 615-530-XXXX OLD HICKORY Land
02/05/2016 12:17AM 360-379-XXXX PT TOWNSEND Land
02/05/2016 12:17AM 360-377-XXXX BREMERTON Land
02/05/2016 8:59AM 920-748-XXXX RIPON Wireless
02/05/2016 2:19PM 765-583-XXXX OTTERBEIN Land
02/05/2016 4:56PM 417-883-XXXX SPRINGFIELD Land
02/06/2016 10:52AM 440-225-XXXX ELYRIA Wireless
02/06/2016 11:53AM 541-997-XXXX FLORENCE Land
02/06/2016 1:09PM 208-313-XXXX IDAHO FALLS Wireless
02/06/2016 1:47PM 208-680-XXXX BLACKFOOT Wireless
02/06/2016 2:28PM 336-402-XXXX GREENSBORO Land
02/06/2016 3:18PM 319-480-XXXX ANAMOSA Wireless
02/06/2016 3:20PM 563-380-XXXX DECORAH Wireless
02/06/2016 4:47PM 319-651-XXXX CEDAR RAPIDS Land
02/06/2016 4:48PM 507-990-XXXX ROCHESTER Wireless
02/06/2016 7:22PM 563-513-XXXX DUBUQUE Wireless
02/06/2016 7:47PM 870-736-XXXX MTN HOME Wireless
02/06/2016 8:05PM 870-736-XXXX MTN HOME Wireless
02/06/2016 9:52PM 563-505-XXXX DAVENPORT Wireless
02/07/2016 6:12AM 662-279-XXXX IUKA Wireless
02/07/2016 7:47AM 941-955-XXXX SARASOTA Land
02/07/2016 8:02AM 972-252-XXXX IRVING Land
02/07/2016 8:35AM 202-520-XXXX WASHINGTON Wireless
02/07/2016 10:17AM 850-393-XXXX PENSACOLA Wireless
02/07/2016 10:52AM 805-660-XXXX THOUSAND OAKS Wireless
02/07/2016 11:27AM 515-729-XXXX DES MOINES Land
02/07/2016 12:39PM 630-675-XXXX ROSELLE Wireless
02/07/2016 12:49PM 541-821-XXXX MEDFORD Wireless
02/07/2016 12:58PM 918-960-XXXX TULSA Land
02/07/2016 2:00PM 920-791-XXXX BEAVER DAM Wireless
02/07/2016 4:59PM 920-883-XXXX GREEN BAY Wireless
02/07/2016 5:10PM 812-201-XXXX TERRE HAUTE Wireless
02/07/2016 5:46PM 812-232-XXXX TERRE HAUTE Land
02/07/2016 7:39PM 805-200-XXXX OXNARD Wireless

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