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Step Five: Sign Up Stations

A syndicated show is only as good as its list of affiliates. Affiliate relations is by far the most difficult part of syndication. If you decide to do it on your own, be prepared for a challenge.

If your marketing is effective, stations may be asking to hear your demo. You then follow up by phone or email with these ”warm leads”.

Be positive and friendly, but persistent. Ask them to consider your show for their next opening.

You may enjoy the challenge of getting stations to add your show. A few may sign up without a moment’s hesitation. Others will seem to take forever to decide, and just when you’re about to give up on them, they’ll surprise you by signing up. Still others will tell you they have absolutely no interest in your show, or refuse to take your calls.

In Affiliate Relations, rejection is part of the game.

Here are reasons to consider a professional firm for your affiliate relations needs. Program directors might hesitate to be candid with you. They may not feel comfortable wheeling and dealing directly with the host of the show. And, professional syndication companies have proprietary syndication and marketing tools, developed over years.

This gives established companies a significant edge over those who try affiliate relations on their own.

We will be happy to sign up affiliates for you. Check our Consulting Services.

If you try affiliate relations by yourself, make it fun. Celebrate every new station you get. Put a graph on the wall and chart your upward progress.  As you keep adding stations, your show can grow into a real winner.


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