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Step Four: Market Your Show to Stations

Marketing’s just another word for promotion, and few syndicated shows succeed without it.

If radio stations have never heard of your show, they may be reluctant to add it. Think about your own purchasing decisions. How often do you choose a product you’ve never heard of? People are much more comfortable buying something that is familiar to them.

What’s the answer? You must find ways to affordably market your show to the radio industry, on an ongoing basis. We believe it’s important to make EVERYONE in the industry aware of your show.

This strategy, used by the most successful syndicators, works for you in two important ways.

First, it pre-sells all radio stations on your show, and makes you and your show familiar to them.

Second, your marketing will provide you with ”warm leads”, interested in learning more about your show

Somebody once said, ”Nothing happens until you get the word out.” This statement is especially true when it comes to radio syndication. Let people know about it, and your show will grow.


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