Welcome to the Home of Radio Syndication

Step One: Create Your Show

You probably have ideas for your new show. The first thing to do is focus and clarify those ideas.

First, what qualifies YOU to host a syndicated radio show? Are you an expert in something? Do friends say you’ve got the ”gift of gab”? Is there a subject you feel passionate about? 

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you can host a syndicated radio show. There are syndicated radio shows on many diverse topics. There are successful hosts who never hosted a radio show before getting into syndication.

Try to find a unique niche for your show. Be as original as possible. For example, if you want to do a health talk show, decide what might make your show different from other health talk shows.

Play to your strengths and decide if your show should be two-way telephone talk, guest interviews, or something else. Will you have a co-host? Will you script everything, or do a stream-of-consciousness monologue? Will the show be funny, serious, or a little of both? And so on.

Will your show be broadcast daily or weekly? Will your show be a short feature vignette, or a program that’s one-, two-, three-hours long, or longer? Think about your goals in doing the show, and don’t assume you need to do a long show in order to achieve them.

How will you make money from your show? Besides selling commercials within your show, there are other cash streams you will want to explore.


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