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Step Six: Take Care of Business

Once your show is up and running, there are things to do! Commercials need to be sold, clients need to be billed, the show has to be produced and distributed, and you have to get paid. How does it all get done?

The answer is, you systematize it. You want all the important things to happen automatically without lots of time or effort on your part.  This gives you the freedom to do a great show and to build more revenue streams!

Smart syndicators will eventually systematize all routine matters of their show.

Once your show is underway, you’ll want to keep growing with new projects. Examples might include writing a book, selling digital products, doing webinars and public speaking, TV appearances, hosting in-person seminars, and so on.

Your rewards for following this strategy can be remarkable, creating multiple streams of income.  And these ventures will in turn help build your syndicated show, through the synergy that results when individual parts add up to a greater whole.

With a nationwide audience of radio listeners, your voice and message can reach millions. Your show will inform, entertain and be a resource to your listeners, while providing you with revenue and a platform to build a wide array of ventures.

We know this formula works, because it is one we personally follow. It’s the same strategy we encourage our clients to follow.

May you achieve much success in the exciting, fun and rewarding world of radio syndication!


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