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Step Three: Your Marketing and Demo

It’s important to make a good visual first impression with potential affiliates.

To put it another way, you don’t want to look like an amateur. You want to make sure your marketing material looks professional. So, forget about using generic-looking resume documents. You will do far better having someone skilled in graphic design handle the layout of your marketing sheets. This doesn’t have to be expensive, if you use the right vendors.

You should include a high quality photo of yourself.

Of course, your marketing must include a quality audio demo of your show. In our experience, the best demos are fast-paced, full of energy, and not too long.

Your marketing pages should also contain your bio and details about your show, but be careful not to put too much in there. You don’t want to lose them or confuse them with reams of reading material.

It’s vital to put your demo online, of course. Be sure to create a web site for your show, too!


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