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Step Two: Get On the Air, Anywhere

You have to start somewhere. It’s just like planting a seed in order to grow something. Your show should be on at least ONE radio station, or ONE high quality Internet site, before you try syndicating it nationally.

Program directors who consider your syndicated show will naturally want to know if it has a track record. So, how do you find that first station or high quality streaming website, and get your show on the air? You have three choices.

First, you can buy time on your first station. There’s probably a local station that will happily sell you a daily or weekly time slot. Prices are usually negotiable.

Another option is to buy time on a radio network that offers satellite distribution.

A third option: put your show on a professional, high quality, streaming Internet Radio Network. For example, uses a shared-cost, shared-revenue model. This means that hosts share the cost of bandwidth and operations, and they share in the ad revenue. Other Internet networks use a similar business model.

You may even be able to get a station to give you air time. This mission requires a little time and commitment. Since radio is a people business, it helps to know someone. Try working your way in by offering to be a guest at the local station, and do in-studio interviews. Some of the biggest names in radio got started by persistently asking, and this strategy can work for you too.

If your show or podcast isn’t on a station yet, we can make that happen for you. Check out our syndication services.


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