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Carl Amari of Hollywood 360 and Twilight Zone Radio Dramas

Carl Amari is the host of Hollywood 360 and the Executive Producer of Twilight Zone Radio Dramas.


Carl Amari, the host of Hollywood 360 and Executive Producer of Twilight Zone Radio Dramas,  talks about Syndication Networks.

Dennis Silvers, The Golf Minute

Dennis Silvers, Host of The Golf Minute, now syndicated to dozens of radio stations from coast to coast.


Dennis Silvers, "The Golf Guru of Las Vegas" and longtime TV and radio host, talks about  Syndication Networks.

Hub Arkush, Pro Football Weekly

Hub Arkush, Host of the Pro Football Weekly Radio Show, now on 100 stations.


Hub Arkush, host of the Pro Football Weekly Radio Show, talks about working with Syndication Networks..

Judy Gaman, The Staying Young Radio Show

Judy Gaman, Health and Wellness Expert and co-host of The Staying Young Radio Show, now syndicated nationwide.


Judy Gaman, Health and Wellness Expert and Co-Host of The Staying Young Radio Show discusses Syndication Networks.

Ken Patterson, Ken the Contractor

Ken Patterson is the host of KEN THE CONTRACTOR. He is also a Class A, licensed building contractor and business owner.


Ken Patterson comments on Chris Witting, CEO of Syndication Networks, and the experienced team of people at the company.

Richard Syrett, The Conspiracy Show

Radio personality Richard Syrett is the host of The Conspiracy Show, now syndicated to stations nationwide.


Richard Syrett, the host of The Conspiracy Show, talks about his experience of working with Syndication Networks.




 Race Report"When we decided to launch The Race Report and Race Report Update nationally, we chose Syndication Networks to help us. It has turned out to be a very good decision! Everything has unfolded the way they said it would. We recommend Syndication Networks to anyone who thinks experience, responsiveness, and results are important."

Paul Knauer
The Race Report
Rock Solid Productions, Inc.



National Geographic Channel"When National Geographic Channel entered radio syndication, we selected Syndication Networks to represent us. They are doing an excellent job of syndicating our program! Syndication Networks has already signed dozens of stations for us in markets across the country. We are pleased to be associated with Syndication Networks."

Ann Blakey
VP, National Geographic Channel



Rick Starr"I trust Chris Witting’s judgment and industry knowledge. If you’re looking for someone with a wide-ranging knowledge of the radio industry, including syndication and station operations, Syndication Networks would be at the top of my very short list."

Rick Starr
Vice President and General Manager
Home & Garden Radio Network
Syndicators of popular shows on gardening and home improvement



Parent Institute

"When a business looks for help exploring new directions and reaching the people it serves, it’s not often that you find a company that: 1) absolutely knows their business, 2) is consummately professional, 3) offers a well thought-out, proven service tailored to your specific needs, and 4) genuinely wants to help you.

But that’s exactly what The Parent Institute got when we found Syndication Networks and enlisted their help syndicating our show. We were delighted with both the results Syndication Networks helped us achieve, and the advice and support they gave us month after month. I highly recommend Syndication Networks syndication services!"

John H. Wherry, Ed.D.
President, The Parent Institute



Dan Gilmore"Thanks to Chris Witting’s company, I’ve gotten results I never could have approached on my own. Chris should do a Success Journal bit on himself — it’s been like getting batting instructions from Ted Williams. I mean it!"

Dan Gilmore
President, Wild Hare Productions
Syndicators of "It’’s a Funny Game", now heard in 100 markets



Dave Marsh "I’ve been working with the pros at Syndication Networks for more than 5 years. In that time our business has grown from a single program airing on one station, to eight programs that air on nearly 500 stations.

Syndication Networks has been with us every step of the way providing essential guidance, strategies and services in our syndication efforts.

The people at Syndication Networks are fair, honest, friendly and above all, effective. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to succeed with their radio programming."

Dave Marsh, President, Prodzilla Productions - producer of Splat! Imaging Packages.



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