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Satellite Information for Affiliate Stations of SYNDICATION NETWORKS (SNC)

Our Network Shows Are Available to More Than 5,000 US Radio Stations on the Westwood One XDS Satellite Platform via Syndication Networks Corp.

We distribute our network radio shows to our affiliate stations on the X-Digital Receiver Platform. The XDS PRO-1 receivers allow affiliate stations to enjoy automated program switching along with record and playback.  Our shows are also available to affiliate stations via high speed FTP download. 


We feed our shows to stations on XDS via Westwood One Satellite Services. SNC provides NETQUEs for your station automation.  Please see the individual show clocks for NETQUE details.

All of our programs are available to FCC licensed broadcast stations to air free of charge on a barter basis. There are no restrictive long term contracts or complex affidavits. We do require stations to sign up with us to broadcast our shows. 

Please contact us at 800-743-1988 to get signed up for any of the quality shows we offer.

Westwood One Satellite Services offers 24-hour support for any feed problems. Also, SNC’s Operations Staff is available by phone to assist with specific station issues.

We also provide complete promotional support for the many stations that carry our programming. We can provide custom or generic promos for any or all of our shows. Just request promos for your station. In many cases, our show hosts will also record custom sponsor billboards or tags at no extra charge (some restrictions apply). 

Just let us know your needs, and we will do our very best to help your station.


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