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Syndication Networks Corporation is the Chicago-based radio syndication consulting and marketing company. The company’s consulting and marketing clients include experts and individuals getting into radio syndication for the first time, as well as veteran syndicators and major radio networks seeking higher ratings and revenue for their programs. SNC’s in-house consulting and affiliate relations staff has a combined 150 years of experience in broadcasting and syndication. Recently, the company moved to new offices to accomodate its growing affiliate relations department and studio production facilities. The company’s programs are broadcast on nearly 2,000 radio stations nationally.

Chris Witting is founder and CEO of Syndication Networks Corporation (SNC), the Chicago-based radio syndication consulting and marketing company.  Fortune 500 companies, radio networks, independent syndicators and broadcasters have been engaging Chris for decades to share his talents and resources in the areas of radio syndication, sales strategy, program development, content distribution, and web marketing.

Chris is the only syndication consultant in America who is a current, successful host of three nationally syndicated radio shows, and who also has experience as a major market general manager and program director.  His career in radio includes managing and programming top stations in New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Pittsburgh, and other markets.

His daily syndicated program, The Success Journal, is heard in over 150 markets including Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Detroit, and San Francisco.  The award winning show has spawned a catalog, a best selling book (21-Day Countdown to Success published by Career Press), articles in national publications, a weekly segment on a national cable network, speaking engagements, and over 100 interviews on radio and TV stations and news networks across the country. Chris also hosts InfoTrak, a weekly interview show heard on 535 stations and a daily health show, Check Up On Health.

Syndication Networks’ talented staff has a combined 150 years experience in radio and syndication. Our clients include people getting into syndication for the first time, as well as established show hosts, producers and major networks seeking higher ratings and revenue.

Syndication Networks owns and operates, a leading Internet Talk Media Network founded in 2007. TalkZone streams high quality talk show media 24/7 and on-demand.

Syndication Networks is based in the Chicago area. The company has been in business since 1993, with an established online presence since 1996. Consistently top Google-Ranked for radio syndication, SNC offers its nearly 2,000 affiliate stations a wide array of quality syndicated content.  SNC is also the leading online resource for hosts and producers seeking syndication consulting and information.

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