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to advertise on network radio

Network Radio is an affordable and effective advertising medium. Here are some reasons to choose Network Radio for your next national ad campaign.

Syndication Networks is ready to serve you and your business, with a powerful, results oriented national advertising campaign.

Capture New Customers.

Network radio is true mass media. For example, when you advertise with Syndication Networks, your message will be broadcast on radio stations from coast to coast, reaching millions of listeners. Network coverage like this really works! National radio advertising is proven effective at delivering leads that convert into customers. Radio gets real results.

Radio Is The Ideal Direct Response Medium.

Radio spurs people to take action. Whether you want consumers to dial your phone number, visit your web site, check out your special deal, sign up for your trial offer, sample your product, go to your retail location, vote for your candidate, or recall your brand name, Radio makes it all happen.

With Network Radio, The Price Is Right.

Priced national media lately? Network TV is sky high, not to mention the cost of shooting video. Direct mail is costly too, and takes time to work. Internet advertising can be quick and inexpensive — but you may get what you pay for — visual clutter, ad blocking, and site content concerns. Network Radio, on the other hand, is an affordable yet powerful way to directly reach massive numbers of consumers. And radio production is relatively low cost — a smart investment!

Radio Reinforces Other Media.

Already advertising nationally? Add Network Radio to your media mix to dramatically improve results. Adapting your existing message to a quality radio campaign is surprisingly affordable. It’s no wonder major US businesses such as GEICO Insurance, Wal-Mart, Ford, and many others consistently include Network Radio in their media mix.

Radio Is Everywhere.

98% of homes have a Radio, and nearly every car on the road (99%) has a Radio. Compare that to cable TV penetration (60% of homes), or Internet penetration (78% of homes). Radio dominates in-car media: cable can”t reach cars, and in-car Internet is very limited. If you want to reach virtually all consumers, network radio offers outstanding reach.

The Radio Audience Continues To Grow.

Radio now reaches 93% of the US population every week. That’s an estimated 241.3 million people that have the potential to hear commercials on the radio each week! (Source: Nielsen)

Radio Delivers Affluent, Educated Adults.

Radio reaches more than 132 million weekly listeners earning $75,000 or more. Nearly 41 million Adults 18-49 who have college degrees listen to radio weekly. Radio reaches 26 million Adults 25-54 who have both a college degree and a household income of  $75,000 or more each week. (Source: Nielsen)

Radio Is The #1 Choice For In-Car Media And Entertainment.

AM and FM radio continue to be the top choice for in-car media and entertainment. 84% of all drivers or passengers use the AM/FM radio. What about time spent driving? AM and FM radio dominate — with nearly two-thirds of all in-car time. (Source: Nielsen, Edison Research, Scarborough Research)

And don’t forget!

Network Radio has the power to generate national buzz about your product or service, influence the opinions of millions, and so much more!

Network radio offers quick and easy media buying. Your message will reach all 50 states fast, just by placing a single order. It’s the smart way to get rapid results for your business.

See Radio's Advertising Power
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