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Ready to get started? You’ll want to follow these Six Steps to Successful Radio Syndication:

Create Your Radio Show


1.  Create Your Show. What will be the theme and concept of your show? How will your unique knowledge, talents, and abilities work best on the air?



Get on the air


2. Get On the Air, Anywhere. You have to start somewhere. It’s just like planting a seed in order to grow something. Here’s how to get your show on that first station.



CD Demo


3. Your Marketing and Demo. You’ll want to be sure your marketing kit looks professional. And you’ll need a good-sounding demo of your show.



Market your show


4. Market Your Show to Stations Nationwide. You’ve got to tell the radio industry about your show. Stations need to know the show exists, if you want them to put it on the air.



Sign up stations


5. Sign Up Stations. A syndicated radio show is only as good as its list of affiliates. Syndication success is built by signing up stations to carry your show.



Take care of business


6. Take Care of Business. Once your show is underway, there are things to do. But the rewards of doing your own nationally syndicated radio show can be significant.



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